Sunday, August 17, 2008

South and North Indian Food In Shanghai

As I mentioned already, Chinese ppl know Dosa and Parota already. We can find several small carts selling Dosa & Parota. Not sure how they came to know.

There are very few indian restaurants in Shanghai.

There is a Punjabi Dhaba here. We will be surprised to listen the latest Hindi songs in this restaurant. You can speak Hindi and find few Indians here. Surprisingly, people from Germany & England regularly come here for weekend parties.

And also, there is a pakka South Indian restaurant near by my hotel called "Indian Kitchen". Owner can speak very good Tamil, all the south indian dishes are available here, but very expensive.

There is a Gujarati people's house near by my office, where they serve all kinds on Jain food. So, few Jain people in Shanghai come here regularly for their Lunch.


VipulJain said...


Can u give me the contact details for that gujrati house or any place where i can find pure vegetarian jain food in shanghai.

please reply soon.

Dancing Flame said...

Can you give me address/phone no./email of Jain restaurant that you have mentioned in your post.Thanks a lot...plz send at