Sunday, August 17, 2008

People In Shanghai and Their opinion on India

I wud like to share one incident with you.

Hope u all know that Chinese ppl eat using Chopstics. I learned using Chopstics after coming to China. But I was not so good at using them. Felt extremly difficult to enjoy my food.

But I thought that people may think bad if I use my hands. Oneday, I decided to eat with my hands in the restaurant where I have my Breakfast everyday. I started eating using my hands.

Surprisingly, No one stared at me or nothing like I am doing something different. They just carried on with their work. People are easy going and very friendly.
They know very well about how to welcome a foreigner. Infact, they are very keen to help Indians. In their opinion, India is a very beautiful country & Indians are cool and Intelligent.

Most of the Chinese people are always smiling, active and Healthy. That may be because of their food.

Chinese people call India as "Indu".

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