Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympics Fever

Some of my frends asked me - "Hey... Were you present in the Stadium ...during Olympics Opening Ceremony?"

Infact, the direct price of the opening ceremony ticket was 70000 rupees to 450000 rupees.

I am happy to be in China during Olympics Time.

I am extremely happy to know that India got 1st Gold medal when I am here. So, whenever ppl discuss about India's first Gold medal, I can say I was in China at that time.

I was trying to be in Beijing during Olympics. But because of the expensive ticket price & accommodation ..I was stepping back.. But I kept on trying trying through my online frends and local people & my colleagues here ..

Finally, I got it. I could book a train ticket and a Hotel in Beijing for this weekend. So, I am leaving tomorrow evening to Beijing.

I have mixture of feeling with excitement and happiness. Inspite of my low salary, I am able to visit Beijing.

Because, I love sports. Olympics is the peak point in Sports.

Anyway, I will be visiting Great wall of China, one of 8 wonders in the world. But, nothing can dominate the feeling of stepping into the Olympic city.

Even the Statue Of Liberty, Nayagara falls, ..... nothing.

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