Monday, August 25, 2008

My Beijing Trip - part1

Stepping into the Olympic Village ( USING FAKE VIP ID CARDS ) ...... Roaming in the Olympic Atmosphere along with the different people from the entire world ..... Watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony Fireworks from the feet of the BirdNest Stadium ......A small business man chasing me to give my camera back, when I forgot it at his shop ....

I left Beijing with many touching memories like this after a 3 days trip. Just unforgettable ..

My Beijing Trip started with a surprise from China Railway. I bought a cheapest available Train Ticket to Beijing, only to find a bed with neatly washed Bedsheets and Pillows.

Almost like a descent Hotel.

I reached Beijing by 10AM Saturday. It was a festival atmosphere. Security arrangements were at the extreme level. Every public entrance has Metal Detectors and security guards. If we carry Water Bottle with us, Security guards used to ask us to drink water once. To make sure it is not Liquid Bomb or something ....

I could find 'English speaking Volunteers' everywhere to help the tourists. Their attitude towards tourists was good.

The city was so slean. I could see many workers always busy in cleaning the surroundings. A piece of paper which was thrown on road was disappeared almost in a couple of minits. So, you can imagine ...

After I reached Hotel, had bath and started my jouney into the Beijing City ..

My plan was to visit the "Forbidden City" on Saturday, "Great wall of China & Olympics" on Sunday. .not planned anything for Monday ...

I have noted down all the Bus numbers & Local Train routes with the help of Hotel receptionist.

So ... I started towards my first destination ....... "Forbidden City" ......

A palace city which was built from the year 1407 to 1420 by million workers.

By the time I reached this place, Football star "Pele" was inside. As usual, unfortunately, I came to know this after he left that place.

Find more details about forbidden city in this link .

Infact, I came to know practically...why that place was called Forbidden City, and not Forbidden Palace.

It was a group of palaces & houses. Its a big village.

So, tired of roaming inside.

Guess...what are these big coppor vessels ...

Obviously ..they are filled with water.

Not for drinking ... to use when fire accidents occur inside the palace (in those days). measure ..

In our office, we find Fire fighting equipment .. ryt ..
as same as that...

somewhere inside the palace..

The history of the Coppor vessels was written on a board there.

All of my photos looks like they were taken at a single palace.

There were many palaces in the Forbidden city with the same building design. there were many buildings inside that palace.

I met a Canada 100 metres Olympics Athlete there ....

I met some indians too....they are from nellore ... my native :)

My next post will be about my trip to Great wall of China .... see you soon.... Bye for now.


Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

Nagesh said...

It is very amusing to read your blog...Great experience...waiting for your next posts....