Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Beijing Trip part2 - Visit to Great Wall Of China

There are rumors that,  this man-made structure can be seen from Moon.

This is one of the wonders of the World.

 "The Great Wall of China. "

My second day in Beijing, on Sunday morning 6 O'cock, I started my journey to my Destination ..... Great wall of China.

"Badaling" is the famous tourist spot in the entire Great wall, from where you can enjoy the best view possible.

There were several busses (bus no. 919) available to "Badaling". I boarded one and started my journey.

The journey was pleasant. The bus travelled through villages,mountains and forests.

And finally I reached the destination.

At the entrance

And, thats the scene I saw inside. The great wall.

I met few olympians there.
As the Olympics closing ceremony was on the next day, many players visited this place on that day.

Georgia Gould - Biking champion - USA

Closest view of the stones that the wall made of.

We have to be bit careful while walking. It was so slippary in few slopy areas. like this. 

These are the spots used by the soldiers to take positions while attacking enemies.

After walking for about 2hours inside, I reached the highest spot there.

I felt great by sighting this master piece.
We will be tired by walking and climbing those gaint steps. Good test of our physical fitness levels. :)

The wall is surrounded by a deep forest. And they took a good care of the forest in spite of the huge number of tourists everyday. I didnt find any plastic bottles or other waste around there. :)

Nellore District Cricket Association's logo has reached finally Great wall of china. :)

Here, I have to tell you few things about me.

I have played cricket at zonal level and I represented my district Nellore at many occasions/tounaments. During this stage, I had very little time for my studies and I dropped from '80/100 student'  to average '60/100' student.

I faced challenges, stress. At one stage, my academic career was in danger.  I was from a middle class family and I had no option but to study and get a job. But I neglected studies and tried reaching greater hights by playing cricket and risked my life. By the time I realize this, it was almost late.

But, I recovered.

Did my MCA. Cracked few off-campus interviews facing some huge competition and got a job.
And now, I am here on Great wall of China as part of my job. Personally, it is a great victory for my self. :)

Yes, it is not easy in India for a middle class student to take up a sport as profession. If you fail, you are gone. you have no backup.

I did not achieve anything in cricket apart from few paper cuttings. I saved them in this link.

But, my personlaity and attitude changed because of cricket. I will share all of those in a different post.

coming back to my trip experience.

It was a great trip overall. Had fantastic time on the Great wall. I complete this post with my another memorable experience.

I came out from the wall and I went for shopping.

I have purchased a painted cup there and I forgot my camera there and left the place. :)

I reached the Bus-stand nearby and I was about to leave.

A small boy was running towards the bus searching for me. He came to me and gave my camera back.
I was in shock & surprise & happy. Without that camera, all my experience would have been lost.

The below is the photo that I took with the shop's owner when I puchased that mug . He was the person sent the small boy with my camera.  :)
My Great wall tour ended up with mixure of many different feelings.
My next post is going to be about my Olympics experience (using fake ID cards) and food habbits & lifestyle in china and few more interesting incidents.
catch you soon. take care.